My Beatrix Potter Bookplate

From what I have read on Beatrix Potter, I feel as if she would have loved to see how affordable and available bookplates have become.  In the past bookplates were typically for those of wealth and status.  Bookplates often were designed using the coat of arms or family crest for such purchasers.  However today, they can be almost anything and.  For that reason, I would have chosen to have a bookplate designed by Beatrix Potter.  There are simple sticker ones available online using her art, but I’d prefer to have a unique one.

Most of Potter’s art, both her drawings and watercolors, depict nature of some form, whether animals like Peter Rabbit or the landscape surrounding her estate as shown below.  The art is beautiful and is something that I believe would make a wonderful bookplate.

While it is not my favorite character of hers as far as stories go, I love the way she illustrated her owl, Old Brown, in The Tale of Squirrel Nutkin.  Owls are something that represent a great deal for me.  They are something my dad has always loved, signify wisdom which I strive for, and on a more whimsical note are a big part of my favorite books, Harry Potter.  For that reason, I would want to have one of her owl illustrations be the central focus of my bookplate.

For the border, I would have a floral script like design.  Again, I am awe of her paintings of flowers because of the incredible detail she gave to them.  Either of the designs below would make lovely borders for my bookplate.  I also would have liked the script that was designed with the flowers to have somehow come up to form my name under the owl.


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